Monthly report

Overall balances for January and March 2019 was surplus as Tax Revenue, notably Revenue from Import Duties, BPT and Airport Service Charge, increased significantly while Capital Expenditure was very low. However, the overall balances for February and April 2019 was deficit as the expenditure, was higher than the revenue received during that month.

Budget 2019
Budget 2019 aims to begin efforts of the new government to provide the services to the people as promised in the manifesto. In this regard, this budget paves the way to reach “Jazeera Dhiriulhun” by solving the economic and social constraints faced in islands. Further, to achieve “Noo Iguthisaadu”, this budget would give additional support to enhance the benefits from economic activities in Maldives. As such the government shall continue its investments in infrastructure projects. In addition, the budget has prioritized enhancing quality of services given to the public.